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This versatile, highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner contains stabilized Hydrogen peroxide and natural citrus solvents to provide highly effective cleaning for many surfaces including glass, restroom fixtures, tile and grout, counters, floors, and carpets. The Hydrogen peroxide formulation in Suprox™ Concentrate also aids in brightening grout and enhancing the appearance of tiled surfaces.

When compared to traditional multi-purpose cleaners, Suprox Concentrate has been formulated for reduced toxicity to lessen the impact on environmental, worker, and building occupant health. Suprox™ Concentrate is a welcome addition to green cleaning programs.

Consolidate multiple products within your cleaning process. Suprox Concentrate can save time, effort, and money by eliminating redundant products and simplifying the training process, resulting in an enhanced cleaning process. Suprox Concentrate is conveniently packaged in one gallon containers, as well as one-half gallon and one gallon containers in the Hillyard Arsenal® System (#833). Ask your Hillyard sales consultant about versatile Suprox Concentrate. Just another example of high quality from Hillyard.


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