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​Surface Cleaning Validation Simplfied​​

​In the past, how would you know if a high-touch surface has been cleaned? Or, how would you spot check your cleaning staff's surface cleaning?

CheckIt by Hillyard, provides a simple way to validate cleaning protocols and provide cleaning staff feedback with the goal of improving surface cleaning and disinfection outcomes.

Mark It

Use the Steril-Rite UV blacklight reactive disinfection marker to discreetly mark high-touch surfaces with “invisible ink”.  Use on any hard non-porous washable surface not harmed by isopropyl alcohol.​

Clean It

When the routine cleaning process is performed properly, the “invisible ink” will be wiped away.​

Check It

Use the Hillyard CHECKIT brand UV black light to confirm the surface has been cleaned. If cleaned properly, the mark is gone. If cleaned improperly, the mark appears under the ultra-violet light.​

Track It

Use the Hillyard Online QC App to track marking placements and results. Utilize the data to help train and take corrective action to improve outcomes. Ask your Hillyard Account Manager to provide access.​