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​Ma​ke The Connection

Portable. Reliable. Cost-Effective. The Hillyard Connect Chemical Dispensing System offers a comprehensive line-up of formulas to help your staff get the job done more efficiently than ever before. ​



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  • Connect to any water source.  It's dilution control on-the-go!

  • ​Rapidly deploy the Connect System without the installation hassles typically associated with permanently-mounted systems.     

  • ​One dispensing unit, 14 cleaning formulas. Quickly and effortlessly use the same dispensing unit with all formulas.



  • ​The dilution tip-in-bottle design delivers hassle-free, accurate dispensing, time after time.

  • ​​State-of-the-art materials combined with durable design and construction assures long-term performance refill after refill.



  • ​​Concentrated Connect refills are easy to dispense and their cost-in-use is much lower than ready-to-use products.

  • ​​​Lower system maintenance costs are realized by the tip-in-bottle design that eliminates clogging and maintenance issues associated with eductor-side tips.​


Convenient, Portable Dilution and Sustainability


Why dispose of a perfectly good dilution gun with every bottle? Unlike other systems, The Hillyard Connect™ Portable Dispensing Unit is reusable. Move it from refill to refill. This approach uses less plastic, which is more sustainable, better for the environment, and helps keep system costs affordable.


Dilution Accuracy, Product Performance and Cost Control


Custodians using the "glug-glug" method can mix products either too strong or too weak. Mixing products too strong can ruin surfaces,  compromise safety, and increase cost significantly. Mixing products too weak can compromise product performance and cleaning quality suffers greatly.


The Hillyard Connect System delivers highly-concentrated products, accurately diluted to maximize performance and value - providing the ultimate combination of accuracy, performance, and cost.


Design and Safety


The Hillyard Connect System is a true closed-loop system designed to enforce total chemical containment. The cap and bottle insert prevent leaks, spills, drips, protecing your staff.