February 14, 2017

Clean Equipment Leads to Effective Cleaning

​Hillyard Techincal Services Department

What would you say is the most overlooked surface or object when it comes to cleaning a facility? Most likely it's the cleaning equipment. Often the equipment so vital in keeping a building clean is never properly cleaned itself. When not properly cared for, the equipment needed to remove soil from buildings can spread soil, thus decreasing our ability to clean effectively. 

Two pieces of equipment that can be quickly cleaned are dust mops and autoscrubber squeegees. 

At a minimum, a dust mop should be thoroughly shaken out after each use, and then properly retreated with Hillyard Super Hil-Tone® dust mop treatment.​ Either brushing or vacuuming the dust mop will also remove excess soil, improving its cleaning ability. In heavy-use situations, a dust mop should be switched out or laundered at least once a week. ​

Autoscrubber squeegees tend to collect a lot of soil and debris that tend to go unnoticed, even after the autoscrubber's cleaning efficiency starts to diminish. A build-up of soil in the squeegee will not only lead to streaking on the floor, but the autoscrubber will no longer be able to pick up the cleaning solution completely. 

At least once a month, the squeegee should be removed from the autoscrubber, and washed out with a hose supplying moderate water pressure. A brush may also be used to scrub out excessive debris. This is also a good time to inspect the squeegee for damage, which could also prevent it from effectively picking up the cleaning solution. If any damage is noted, the squeegee should be replaced. 

Many times, cleaning the equipment can be overlooked, but it's good to remember that clean, well-maintained cleaning equipment is one of the pillars to an effective cleaning program. ​

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