Tackle Tough Industrial Jobs ​with Defcon-2D - Eliminate the Need for Drums 

There's a better way to tackle tough industrial degreasing and cleaning jobs, all while eliminating the hazards associated with chemical drum packaging. Defcon®-2D is a super-concentrated cleaning system that provides safe, closed-loop dispensing of high-performance degreaser.​

According to Randy Cusick, Defcon Product Manager, "We wanted to bring a product to market that takes care of problems for our customers. Most industry cleaning solutions are packaged in large, 55-gallon drums. Drums are dangerous to handle, and can lead to exposure to concentrated chemicals. The Defcon-2D system is compact and lightweight, and the container is sealed for safety. The dispensing cap mates with bottle insert to draw chemical from the container."  

Eliminating drums from your inventory eliminates the need for storage space, and helps with excessive inventory costs. Defcon-2D is a sustainable solution, and eliminates environmental disposal costs. 

Defcon-2D is formulated with SM-1® technology, which is a proprietary surfactant technology developed by Hillyard that results in a synergistic blend of three surfactants that remove more soil in less time than traditional degreasers. 

Defcon-2D is convenient and cost-effective. Packaged in convenient 2.5 gallon containers Defcon-2D yields up to 1,000 gallons of ready-to-use solution. Use the dual flow dispenser for fast and accurate filling. Fill buckets and scrubbers at up to nine gallons per minute, and bottles at one gallon per minute.

Defcon-2D – the super-concentrated system that saves time, money and space.

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