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Recon - Micro-Layer Sports Floor Coating
Revitalize Gym Floor Finish

Change the Way You Think About Sports Floor Care

Sports floors take a beating! Constant play, street shoes, grit, and grime all take a toll on your sports floor. Compounding the problem, many gyms have become 24/7 community centers with meetings, assemblies, and ceremonies that wear on a sports floor finish.

Over time, even with the best coating and maintenance program, your floor loses its high gloss and tight “shoe squeak” performance.

Until now, an annual recoat was the only solution to gain back new floor gloss and performance. The reality is, while beneficial, recoating is hard work. It takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to execute. Cleaning, abrading, tacking, coating, drying, and curing. Your sports floor is down for 4 or 5 days at a time. That’s why recoats are mostly done once per year. Gloss and performance are boosted, then declines until the following annual maintenance procedure. We call this the roller coaster effect of traditional sports floor maintenance.

It’s Time to Recon It!

Recon is the revolutionary system that can eliminate the roller coaster effect of annual sports floor maintenance and deliver new floor gloss and performance anytime you need it - for example, right before a mid-season tournament. Recon is a specially formulated, high-performance, high gloss, micro-layer sports floor coating that stands up to the rigors of athletic competition. Applying Recon takes just a little more time than routine cleaning. A simple prep, apply, and dry process prepares your newly coated sports floor for play the next day!

With its micro-layer technology and easy application, Recon can be applied multiple times throughout the year - keeping your sports floor looking great and performing well all the time! Get high gloss and performance year-round with Recon by Hillyard, the leader in sports floor care technology.

Recon It!Traditional Annual Recoat Methods
One-Coat ReconTwo-Coat WaterborneOne-Coat Solventborne
Prep Hours1510
Multi-Flo XP Apply Hours122
Total Labor Hours2712
Dry Time Hours11224
Cure Time Hours127272
Total Out-of-Service Hours1591108
Ready To PlayNext Day!4 Days5 Days
Skill Level RequiredBasicIntermediateAdvanced
Prep MethodCleanPad AbradeScreen Abrade
OdorOdor FreeSlightStrong

The Recon Process: Clean, Apply, Dry, and Play

Coating a gym floor with Recon is as easy as applying a standard floor finish.

Step 1: Clean the floor

Inspect the floor and remove any gum, scuff marks, and large debris. Next, sweep the floor using a treated dust mop. Finally, scrub the floor with a Hillyard Glacier P2 Pad and Hillyard Pre-Game Tacking Solution.

Step 2: Apply Recon to the clean floor

For best results, use the Hillyard Multi-Flo XP to apply Recon to the gym floor. The Multi-Flo XP can coat a 5,000-square-foot playing surface in as little as 30 minutes. If the Multi-Flo XP isn’t available, Hillyard’s Microfiber Flat Mop Application System is also a good option.

Step 3: Wait for the floor to dry

Recon takes about an hour to dry, assuming normal conditions. Drying time may be extended in more humid and cooler than normal conditions.

Step 4: Play the next day.

After twelve hours, the gym floor is ready for action. The Recon coating is cured, and the gloss is restored to a like-new level. In most cases, there is a three-fold improvement in gloss.