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ITEM # HIL15024_X
MFG Model # EFA1-F-012I072M-01

Hillyard, Easy Fresh 2.0, Air Freshener, Cucumber Melon

Easy Fresh provides consistent freshness for 30 days. The cover contains 2-3 times more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols, while the motor driven fan moves the air freshener further than a typical passive system.
Easy Fresh is powered by a smart chip that controls the fan consistently, turning it sparingly in week 1, and gradually turning more frequently until week 4 when it runs constantly. This technology ensures your space smells fresh and clean from day 1 to day 30.
Maintenance is easy, with the LED and audible reminders and a push button cover for quick removal and replacement.
Easy Fresh refills are part of Fresh Product's closed-loop recycling program and are 100% recyclable.

  • The cover is the air freshener. This offers the most exposed surface area of any refill resulting in maximum fragrance release.
  • The pre-set program is set so that throughout the course of 30 days , as the fragrance evaporates , the fan spins more frequently to keep the space smelling just right.
  • Dry fragrance technology: doesn't contain any acetone or propellants eliminating sticky residue.
  • Visual and audible replacement reminders.
  • Battery not included.
  • Made in the U.S.A.