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Custodial Management Tools
Gain powerful insights with Envirologix®

Delivering Powerful Insights Into Cleaning Programs

Developing an effective cleaning program is not a one size fits all proposition. There are a lot of questions. Do we have the right amount of people? Are they properly trained? Are we using the right processes, and products to maximize results? Are we achieving the best results for our cleaning budget? How much should we be spending on our program? Envirologix has the answers. It is a vendor-managed app built from decades of experience and a proprietary database containing information on over one billion square feet of cleaning programs. Envirologix combines experience, data, industry-accepted standards, and your facility information to build an optimized cleaning program that can maximize your budget and deliver the results your stakeholders demand.


Set a Baseline

Input building square footage, staff, and current cleaning equipment fleet. Set a desired cleaning outcome based on national standards. Use the baseline as a starting point. A full understanding of the current state creates the foundation for improvement. 

Analyze Your Cleaning Program

Answer the question, do we have the right amount of staff using current cleaning equipment and processes to achieve the desired cleaning outcome? Envirologix compares your baseline to national standards and a proprietary database containing information on over one billion cleanable square feet. 

Optimize Your Cleaning Program

Envirologix optimizes your cleaning program, closing the labor gap with improved cleaning efficiencies, by recommending new processes, systems and equipment. Envirologix provides a return on investment analysis to help justify new capital expenditures.

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