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Service and Repair
Keep your equipment in peak condition

Peak Performance Pays - Hillyard Can Help

Keeping your equipment running at peak performance is critical to delivering quality cleaning within budget.

When equipment is not working right or working at all, your facility is getting dirtier and dirtier. And, it's no secret that it costs much more to clean a dirty facility than it does to maintain a clean facility. When labor is your single largest budget item, you simply cannot afford anything but equipment operating at peak performance. It pays to have Hillyard Programmed Maintenance.

Programmed Maintenance Costs Less

Emergency repair service is expensive. You can't afford to have equipment down for extended periods of time. Programmed Maintenance is designed to catch potential problems before equipment is inoperable, eliminating expensive downtime.

Hillyard Programmed Maintenance Delivers Peak Performance

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance calls by professional, factory-trained technicians.
  • Detailed inspections and comprehensive service with complete write-ups on service performed.
  • Training for operators on simple daily or weekly procedures that keep machines operating efficiently.
  • Computerized service history tracking provides accurate documentation to support factory warranty claims.
  • Priority service level on that rare occasion when emergency service is required.

The Hillyard Service Fleet Responds Quickly - Keeping Your Equipment Working

On-site service eliminates equipment transit time. Your equipment is up and running as fast as possible. If your equipment needs to be transported to our facility for repair, we can arrange for, and deliver rental equipment so you can stay on task.

Ask for the Hillyard Comprehensive Equipment Service Evaluation

A professional factory-trained technician will evaluate and assess the current condition of your equipment.

For inoperable or unsafe equipment, the technician will provide an estimate to bring the equipment up to operating standards.

The technician will help you determine the right frequency for Programmed Maintenance based on the level of use and the operating environment.

Choose from four Programmed Maintenance intervals:

  • Monthly Service
  • Quarterly Service
  • Semi-Annual Service
  • Annual Service

Download the brochure for more information. Fill out the "I'm Interested – Contact Me" form to get local rates and a no charge equipment evaluation.​

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