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Floor Care
Best Practices, Better Results, Lower Costs

Keys to Success... People, Process, Product.

A successful floor care program is critical to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy facility. The key is understanding how the variables of people, processes, and products work together. Hillyard has the expertise to help you develop a floor care program that optimizes these variables. Click on “I’m Interested” and fill out the form. Your Hilliard Account Manager will contact you to perform a best practice floor care and matting evaluation for your facility. The result is a custom-tailored floor care program that contains everything you need.

Trapping soil is the first line of defense.

Click here to learn how Gator Matting by Hillyard can trap up to 85% of building dirt right at the door before it enters your facility.

resilient floor care

Resilient Floor Care

Caring for resilient floorings, like vinyl composite tile (VCT), starts from the ground up. The Hillyard program delivers the right products, processes and expertise to help get a fresh start. Stripping and refinishing, daily cleaning, interim maintenance, our comprehensive program is easy to implement, helping provide a safe surface, and keeping your floors looking great! 


sports floor care

Wood Sports Floor Care

We understand wood sports floor care better than anyone else because our founder, Newton Hillyard invented urethane gym finish in the early 1900s. Mr. Hillyard saw a need to improve safety for the athletes playing on slippery courts that were "maintained" with sawdust and oil. His invention protected athletes from dangerous slip/fall injuries. And his finish delivered a clean high-shine appearance! Since then, the Hillyard companies have expanded on Newton’s leadership and legacy, continuing to develop innovative, state-of-art sports floor care solutions.


carpet care

Carpet Care

Proper carpet maintenance requires daily vacuuming, timely spill clean-up, interim cleaning of high-traffic areas, and an annual deep cleaning to restore carpet appearance. Hillyard can help you develop a program that addresses these principles of carpet care.


hard floor care

Hard Floor Care

Non-resilient flooring, like concrete, granite, terrazzo, quarry tile, and marble requires special care. Hillyard can help develop a floor care system that beautifies and protects hard floors. With proper care, your floors can last for decades.


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