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Laundry & Warewash
Proven chemistry, accurate and reliable dispensing

Use our expertise to elevate your cleaning

When it comes to institutional laundry and warewash, Hillyard systems consistently deliver the results you demand. It’s what our customers have come to expect from a company who has been The Cleaning Resource since 1907. We understand what it takes - proven chemistry, safe and dependable dispensing, all backed up by exceptional service. And, that’s exactly what you get from Hillyard - Your Cleaning Resource.

The best laundry and warewash results come from a systems approach, matching the right chemistry and dispensing with trouble-free pump technology and logic. It's exactly what we deliver with our Above® and Intelliclean® laundry brands.

Hillyard has Laundry and Warewash specialists throughout the United States that can evaluate your process and recommend best practices. Complete the "I'm Interested" form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Above® Chemical Dispensing

The Above System by Hillyard is a wall-mounted, color and number coded laundry and warewash chemical dispensing platform. The system combines a sealed, inverted one gallon refill with a reservoir system that delivers a waste-free, continuous supply of cleaning chemistry to your laundry or warewash equipment.


  • Wall Mounted - Get above it all while enhancing safety and improving compliance. The wall-mounted, one gallon system eliminates floor stocked product that can be difficult to clean around, heavy to transport, and pose a constant risk of chemical spill and exposure.
  • Color & Number Coded - Intuitive, simplifies training, ensures the right product is in the right place to deliver consistent, high performance results.
  • Reservoir System - Continuous feed reservoir holds 8 oz. of “reserve” product. It acts as a visual gauge. Change out a completely empty refill and eliminate product waste. And, reduce “out-of-product” operations.
  • Sealed, Inverted Refill - The refill has a special insert that allows it to stay safely sealed. Once inverted and inserted into the receiver, solution is released to the reservoir. Remove the refill from the receiver and the seal activates - keeping solution in the container.
  • Safety Shield - Spill Containment. The shield will contain the entire contents of one Above System Refill.
  • Modular Design - Designed to meet your needs. Innovative, modular track system design allows you to use as many products as you need to get the job done right.

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Laundry Chemicals

Detergents & Builder

ProductSafety No.Description
Oxygen Boosted Detergent 7979High-Efficiency, Phosphate-Free, DfE Certified
Enzyme Detergent 5858Enzyme Activated, Low-Foaming Formulation
HS Detergent 6666High-Surfactant, Heavy-Duty, Phosphate-Free
HE Detergent 7373High-Efficiency, All Temp, Phosphate-Free
Built Detergent 5151High-Alkaline, Anti Re-Deposition Agents, Hard & Soft Water
Builder 6767High-Alkaline Laundry Emulsifier


ProductSafety No.Description
Oxygen Bleach 6868Concentrated Laundry Performance Booster, Color Safe
Chlorine Bleach 5656Liquid Chlorine Laundry Bleach

Sour, Softeners, Sanitizers

ProductSafety No.Description
Sour / Soft 7070Fabric Softener, Neutralizer, Iron Control Agent
Fabric Softener 5454Concentrated Fabric Softener
Iron Removing Sour 5959pH Neutralizer, Controls Iron
Laundry San 8080Quat, Reduces Bacteria by 99.9%, Color Safe, Deodorizer

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Warewash Chemicals

Detergents & Presoak

ProductSafety No.Description
Dish Detergent 44Heavy Duty, Chlorinated For Stain Removal
Pot & Pan Detergent 1010Gentle on Skin, Manual Warewashing, Concentrated
Metal Safe Dish Detergent 1212Warewashing Detergent with Corrosion Inhibitors
Dish Presoak 99Concentrated Warewashing Presoak

Sanitizers & Rinse Aid

ProductSafety No.Description
Dish Sanitizer 88Liquid Chlorinated Sanitizer, Sanitizes at Low Temps
Pot & Pan Sanitizer 2121Quaternary Based Sanitizer, Concentrated
Dish Rinse Aid 1414All-Temp Rinse Aid, Speeds Drying, Prevents Spotting

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intelliclean® Chemical Pumps

intelliclean pumps by Hillyard are designed to deliver the laundry results you need, time-after-time, with consistent, trouble-free performance


  • Better Tubes, Better Results - Tubes are critical in delivering the expected results. The intelliclean systems dual-wall, co-extruded tubing stands up to the toughest chemistry and keeps its shape. It consistently delivers the right amount of solution to get the results you expect time and time again.
  • Brushless Motors - Brushless motors extend motor life. Support bearings ensure accurate flow.
  • Software Features
    • Program formula select with wash cycle names
    • Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
    • Twenty programs as standard
    • Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
    • Engineer’s test screen to view signal inputs
    • Auto formula select setting
    • Relay mode setting
  • Hardware Features
    • Advanced PCB hardware
    • Brushless motors
    • 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
    • Wireless USB communications
    • Configure any combination 1–10 pumps
    • Full speed control on all pumps
    • Independently CE and UL approved

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