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Laundry & Warewash
Bulk Chemical Options

Bulk Laundry Solutions

For large scale laundry operations, buying chemicals in bulk provides several advantages

  • Reduce chemical cost compared to buying the same product in smaller packaging.
  • Eliminate frequent restocking, saving time and effort.
  • Reduce environmental impact of laundry operations by reducing packaging materials.

intelliclean® Chemical Pumps

intelliclean pumps by Hillyard are designed to deliver the laundry results you need, time-after-time, with consistent, trouble-free performance


  • Better Tubes, Better Results - Tubes are critical in delivering the expected results. The intelliclean systems dual-wall, co-extruded tubing stands up to the toughest chemistry and keeps its shape. It consistently delivers the right amount of solution to get the results you expect time and time again.
  • Brushless Motors - Brushless motors extend motor life. Support bearings ensure accurate flow.
  • Software Features
    • Program formula select with wash cycle names
    • Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
    • Twenty programs as standard
    • Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
    • Engineer’s test screen to view signal inputs
    • Auto formula select setting
    • Relay mode setting
  • Hardware Features
    • Advanced PCB hardware
    • Brushless motors
    • 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
    • Wireless USB communications
    • Configure any combination 1–10 pumps
    • Full speed control on all pumps
    • Independently CE and UL approved

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Laundry Chemicals

Detergents & Builder

Product4-1 Gal/Cs5 Gal Pail15 Gal Drum40 lb Pail45 lb Pail50 lb Carton
Laundry DetergentHIL0045906HIL0045972----
Laundry Detergent Phos Free-----HIL00765
Powder HD Detergent---HIL0002188--
Powder Detergent----HIL0436087-
Oxygen Boosted DetergentHIL0960006HIL0960007----
Enzyme Detergent-HIL0982407----
Built Detergent-HIL0008107----
HS Detergent-HIL0997007HIL0997015---
Chlorine Bleach-HIL0000207HIL0000215---
Oxygen Bleach-HIL0913207HIL0913215---
Iron Removing Sour-HIL0995907HIL0995915---
Fabric Softener-HIL0001007HIL0001015---
Medicinal Stain RemoverHIL0005706-----

Specialty & Stain Removal

ProductPackItem No.
Enzyme Presoak Powder2 - 10 lb/CsHIL0150386
Laundry Spotter - Dual Action, RTU6 - 32 oz/CsHIL0093485
Reclaim Powder2 - 10 lb/CsHIL0150186
Surfactant Stain Remover1 QuartHIL0357704
Enzyme Stain Remover1 QuartHIL0142004
Enzyme Stain Remover Powder6 - 1.9 lb/CsHIL0170581
Reclaim Stain Remover Powder6 - 1.9 lb/CsHIL0171581

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