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Long-Term Care
Clean, safe, and healthy LTC Facilities

Our Focus is Your Solution for Clean, Safe, and Healthy Long-Term Care Facilities

Buying cleaning supplies and equipment is just a small part of the total cleaning results equation. Our experience tells us providing a clean, safe, and healthy facility is more than just a procurement-driven decision.

To create a clean, safe, and healthy building, Hillyard provides

  • Expertise in implementing cleaning processes that deliver the best results at the lowest total cost.
  • Training to elevate and motivate your staff to deliver the best possible results.
  • Tools to help you measure and manage your cleaning process to keep results at a high level.

We will help you

  • Develop programs to disinfect critical areas and break the chain of infection.
  • Select the right products and procedures to reduce slip and fall risk.
  • Clean soft surfaces, like upholstery and carpet, to eliminate bacterial odors.
  • Develop best practice systems for laundry and warewashing.
  • Create clean, safe, and healthy building within your budget.

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