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Chemical Dispensing
Better Results, Lower Costs

Simplify Dilution Control

Standardization and consistency are critical to delivering clean, safe, healthy buildings. Adding chemical dilution systems to your cleaning processes will improve results and lower costs.

Consistent and Cost Effective

Using too much chemical can ruin surfaces, create safety hazards, and increase costs. "More" is not always better. Under-dilute cleaning solutions and cleaning results suffer. Dilution control systems eliminate manual mixing and deliver the right amount of chemical every time, ensuring the product performs as designed.

Safe and Simple

Color-coded container labels simplify training and help eliminate mistakes. Sealed, closed loop delivery systems minimize direct contact with concentrated chemicals.


Reduced packaging, lower transportation fuel costs, and reduced storage space all add to a more sustainable profile.

arsenal chemical dispensing

Hillyard Dispensing Systems

General Purpose Cleaning

Arsenal One

Arsenal® One

Arsenal One is a system that connects sealed, concentrated cleaning chemical refills with a robust dispensing platform. Arsenal One standardizes and simplifies the distribution of cleaning chemicals for professional cleaning organizations. With over 40 Hillyard cleaning chemicals to choose from and 3 dispensing platforms, facility managers can find everything they need for professional cleaning solutions within the Arsenal One system.

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Industrial Cleaning



Ideal for industrial applications, the I-Force Chemical Dispensing System is compatible with many Hillyard cleaners and degreasers. The dual flow system allows for accurate dilution while filling buckets and auto scrubbers at up to nine gallons per minute and bottles at one gallon per minute. Applications include dispensing the super-concentrated degreaser Defcon®-2R, which helps eliminate drum packaging and improve worker safety.

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Laundry & Warewash

Above Intelliclean

Above® / Intelliclean®

Hillyard’s Above and Intelliclean systems combine chemistry, dispensing, and pump technology that delivers consistent results for institutional laundry and warewash operations. The system includes detergents, sours, stain removers, and bleach for laundry programs. And, for warewash programs, the system offers a complete line of detergents, sanitizers, and rinse aids. Improve performance and reduce waste with Above dispensers and Intelliclean pumps.

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