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High and Low Flow Rate Dilution

I-Force® High and Low Flow Dispensing

There’s a faster way to fill auto scrubbers and buckets to help tackle tough cleaning challenges. The I-Force chemical dilution system quickly and safely mixes consistent, precise batches of cleaning chemicals at up to nine gallons per minute. Additionally, the I-Force has a low-flow mode for safe and accurate spray bottle filling.

Improve Consistency

Deliver the right amount of chemicals every time, ensuring the product performs as designed. Eliminate custodians mixing chemicals too strong or too weak. Using too much of a chemical can ruin surfaces, create safety hazards, and increase costs. Using too little and cleaning results suffer.

Cost Effective and More Sustainable

Removing the guesswork from chemical mixing prevents the most common error custodians make, using too much. Moreover, using concentrated chemicals saves in other significant, sustainable ways. Reduce packaging consumption, lower transportation fuel costs, and reduce storage space.

Versatile High-Volume Packaging Options

Use the I-Force dilution system with totes, drums, and 5-gallon pails.

enzymatic detergent

Product Spotlight:  Defcon® 2.0 Industrial Cleaner Degreaser

The Better Way to Tackle Industrial Degreasing & Cleaning

Defcon Wall Dispenser

Buying drums of industrial degreasers and cleaners? There's a better way to tackle the tough job and eliminate the hazards associated with drum packaging. Defcon-2D is the super-concentrated, closed-loop cleaning and degreasing system that eliminates the problems associated with drums. Problems like dangerous handling, chemical spills and exposure, environmental disposal, storage, and excess inventory costs are a thing of the past.

Defcon Features

Super-concentrated Defcon-2D, packaged in convenient 2.5-gallon containers, yields up to 1,000 gallons of ready-to-use solution! See the chart below. Use the Hillyard I-Force dual flow dispenser to fill buckets and scrubbers at up to nine gallons per minute or fill bottles at one gallon per minute.

Dilution Control: Interchangeable tips in the dispenser deliver accurate, cost-effective, ready-to-use cleaning solution.

Sealed System:  The container is sealed for safety. The dispensing cap mates with the bottle insert to draw chemicals from the container.

Dual Flow:  Dual flow rates allow for fast and accurate filling. Fill buckets at up to nine gallons per minute and bottles at one gallon per minute.

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