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Gator® Matting by Hillyard
Entry, Sports Floor Protection, Hygiene, Safety

Matting Solutions That Improve Outcomes, and Lower Cost

When it comes to matting, Hillyard has you covered. The right matting system can have a big impact on your facility.

Ask for an on-site matting evalution

Ask your Hillyard Account Manager to perform a best practice floor care and matting evaluation to help you build the right floor care program for your facility. During our visit, your account manager will evaluate the current state of your floor care program, then make recommendations to improve and standardize your process. Fill out the "I'm Interested" form, and one of our representatives will contact you.

gator entry matting

Entry Matting

High-performance matting can trap up to 85% of the soil entering your facility! Industry statistics show it costs over $600 to remove just one pound of dirt from your facility! Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, stripping, and refinishing floors... it all adds up. It’s easy to say, “just use some matting to stop the dirt before it gets in your facility.” The problem is not all matting is up to the task. It doesn’t trap soil, absorb moisture, or retain a level of appearance that is worthy of your facility. It’s time to put Hillyard Gator Brand matting to work for you - it’s a high-performance system that can help maintain appearance levels, enhance safety, and lower your total cost of cleaning.


gator sports floor matting

Sports Floor Protection

Protect your gym floor with Gator Rolls by Hillyard, a 100% recycled polyester nonwoven top cloth fused with a non-skid, extruded, moisture barrier backing. Gator Rolls protect gym floors from damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, carts, staging, and equipment. When extreme durability and performance matter most, Gator Tiles are the only choice to cover your gym floor. Gator Tiles turn your gymnasium into a Concert Hall, Convention Center, or other multi-use venues without the worry of damage to your gym floor.


gator hygiene restroom matting

Hygiene Matting

Gator Brand Hygiene Mat is a fully disposable hygiene mat with built-in natural antimicrobial protection. In restrooms, urine can migrate into the floor and grout surfaces, becoming the source of odor-causing bacteria. The Gator Brand Hygiene Mat traps urine before it gets into the floor surface, eliminating the source of odor-causing bacteria.


kitchen safety matting

Kitchen Safety Matting

Safety and Comfort go hand in hand in a productive work environment. Gator Kitchen Safety Matting was designed to deliver just that. They can be used in both wet and dry applications. The open holes allow liquids to drain effectively, making it the perfect mat for kitchen areas, behind bars, food service stations, machine shops, and more.


gator anti fatigue matting

Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting

Worker discomfort and fatigue from standing can impact productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs negatively and needlessly. Hillyard has a complete line of anti-fatigue matting products that provide comfort, safety, and increased productivity in the workplace.


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