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Gator Clean-In-Place Matting
Capture dirt, lower cleaning costs.

Go Clean-In-Place, It’s The Smart Business Decision...

Soil on the soles of shoes, tracked throughout buildings, creates a huge burden for cleaning staffs. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, stripping and refinishing floors, it all adds up. Stop the soil before it gets inside. Less dust means less vacuuming and better indoor air quality. Less dirt means less wear and extended floor finish life cycles. Bottom line; cleaner buildings, lower cleaning costs. High-performance clean-in-place matting can trap up to 85% of soil entering a facility. Custom, clean-in-place matting systems offer a host of advantages over traditional "throw-down" mats. Clean-in-place matting looks better, lasts longer and offers better protection than "throw-down" mats. It's easier clean, saving labor. And, clean-in-place matting is safer, reducing trip hazards associated with traditional "throw-down" patch-work mats.

Ask for an on-site matting evalution

Ask your Hillyard Account Manager to perform a best practice floor care and matting evaluation to help you build the right floor care program for your facility. During our visit, your account manager will evaluate the current state of your floor care program, then make recommendations to improve and standardize your process. Fill out the "I'm Interested" form, and one of our representatives will contact you.


More Fiber, Less Fill

The face weight determines how much dirt, debris, and moisture a mat can hold.  The heavier the weight, the more a mat can hold. Gator brand mats are packed with 37 or 52 ounces of face weight per square yard. Gator brand mats absorb more water, last longer, and look better over a longer period of time! Typical heavy duty matting doesn’t retain as much water, leaving more slop to clean up and greater potential for slip/falls on slick floors!

A Sustainable Choice

Gator Clean-in-place matting can lower the frequency of restorative cleaning processes like floor strip and recoats, and carpet extraction. Less dust entering the building can lead to less dusting and vacuuming having a positive impact on indoor air quality, and resource consumption. Gator Clean-in-place matting, better for buildings, occupants, and the environment!

Custom Inlay Logos

Great looks. Maximum performance. Gator custom inlays deliver unequaled style and functionality in one mat. Unlike printed logos that stain and wear off over time, our Gator program utilizes virtually stain-proof solution dyed polypropylene. It is pattern-matched, hand-inlaid into the base mat, and then reinforced with a vinyl backing for stability. Great opportunity for schools to show spirit and organizations to build brand awareness. Contact your Hillyard Account Manager for more information.

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