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Skin Hygiene
Innovative, Simple, Effective

Protect Building Occupants' Skin and Health

Skin provides a protective barrier preventing dangerous substances from entering the body. Protecting the skin is essential to overall health. Moreover, handwashing keeps people healthy by preventing the spread of microbial infections. The ideal hand hygiene program requires effective chemistry to clean and protect the skin. Hillyard's Affinity and Hand Defense systems provide a complete line of hand washing and skin care products for commercial and industrial facilities.

Located throughout the country, Hillyard's account managers can consult with you to find the best skin cleaning products for your situation. Fill out the "I'm interested" form and one of our representatives will contact you.

affinity skin care

Affinity® Skin Care System

One reliable, robust system delivering foam, liquid, or gel. Fresh new fragrances and bright, attractive colors that will appeal to your senses. Add our Green Seal® certified formulas, and you have Affinity by Hillyard, the innovatively simple skin care system.


industrial hand soap

Gojo Industrial Hand Soaps

Gojo Industrial Hand Soaps are formulated to provide superior cleaning and conditioning for hardworking hands and offer a range of features, including heavy-duty formulas that effectively remove tough industrial soils and are gentle on the skin. The products also feature moisturizing ingredients to prevent hands from drying out, making them perfect for workers in tough industrial environments.


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