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Hillyard, How We Help

Hillyard, How We Help

Envirologix, Custodial Management Program, Introduction

National Association of Basketball Coaches, 2022 (NABC)

Hillyard, Basketball Impact

Hillyard University

Floor Finish Systems

Diamond 1K Gym Floor Finish

Strong Guard Floor Finish System

Recon Micro-Layer Sports Floor Coating

Affinity Dispensers

Affinity Skin Hygiene, Overview

Affinity Expressions Dispenser, Overview

Affinity, Custom Plate Application Instructions

Affinity, Replacing Cartridges

Affinity Expressions, Dispenser Installation

Affinity, First Generation Installation

Arsenal One

Arsenal One Dilution Control System

Arsenal One 4D Dispenser Installation

Concrete Defense

Concrete Defense Coating System

Concrete Defense Application, Autoscrubber Prep

Concrete Defense Application, Floor Machine Prep

COVID-19 / Surface Disinfection

COVID-19, Stop the Spread

COVID-19 Disinfection Procedures

Classroom Disinfection Procedure, For Custodians

Classroom Disinfection Procedure, For Teachers

Classroom Disinfection, Charge Bucket, For Custodians

Classroom Disinfection, Electronic Sprayers, For Custodians

Classroom Disinfection, Chemical Safety, For Teachers

Classroom Disinfection Methods, For Teachers

Defcon Super-Concentrated Degreaser

Defcon, Super-Concentrated Degreasing System

Gator Matting

Gator Clean-In-Place Matting

Gator Gym Floor Protection Matting

Gym Floor, Scrub and Recoat Procedures

Gym Floor Procedure, Basecoat II and 1907

Wood Floor Finish Application

Wood Floor Preparation, Wet Method

Wood Floor Preparation, Dry Method

Disinfectants and Hand Sanitizers

Q.T. 5 Disinfectant Cleaner

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Multi-Flo XP

Multi-Flo XP, Features

Multi-Flo XP, Solution Tank

Multi-Flo XP, Applying Resilient Floor Finish

Multi-Flo XP, Applying Wood Gym Finish

Quick Pass Wide Area Floor Cleaning

Quick Pass Wide Area Floor Cleaner

Resilient Floor Care, Best Practices

Resilient Floor Care, Daily Cleaning

Resilient Floor Care, Floor Finish Application

Resilient Floor Care, Stripping a Floor

Resilient Floor Care, Top Scrubbing

Carpet Care, Best Practices

Carpet Care, Daily Cleaning

April 01, 2024

Carpet Care, Daily Spot Cleaning

Carpet Care, Interim Bonnet and Encapsulation Cleaning

Carpet Care, Extraction
Trident Microfiber

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Bleachers

Trident Microfiber, General Cleaning

Trident Microfiber, Pretreating Instructions

Trident Microfiber, Hand Trowel

Trident Microfiber, Mini-Cart

Trident Microfiber Blacklight

SmartClean Washer for Microfiber Mops

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Bleachers

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Cafeterias

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Desktops

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Locker Rooms

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Shower Walls

Trident Microfiber, Chalkboards and White Boards

Trident Microfiber, Cleaning Windows

Trident Microfiber, Dusting High Surfaces

Trident Microfiber, Mopping Floors and Chairs

Trident Cleaning Equipment

Trident Cleaning Equipment, Overview

Trident XM13SC Micro-Scrubber Features

Trident XM14/XM17 Micro-Scrubber Features

Trident NM14 Micro-Scrubber

Trident B16SC Walk-Behind Scrubber

Trident B20SC Walk-Behind Scrubber

Trident T20SC Pro Walk-Behind Scrubber

Trident T26SC Plus Features

Trident T20SC/T26SC Touch Screen Instructions

Trident T20SC/T26SC Pro Membrane Instructions

Trident T20SC/T26SC Use and Care

Trident R22SC Ride-On Scrubber

Trident R20SC/R28SC Ride-On Scrubber Features

Trident R20SC/R28SC Ride-On Scrubber Use and Care

Trident R30SC/R28SC/R26SC Touch Screen Instructions

Trident CC17 Cleaning Companion, Deep Cleaning

Trident CC17 Cleaning Companion, Features

Trident CC17 Cleaning Companion, Low Moisture Disinfection

Trident EX7 Carpet Extractor

Trident EX8 Carpet Extractor

Trident EX12 Carpet Extractor

Trident EX20 Carpet Extractor

Trident S1HH Disinfectant Sprayer

Trident S1HH Sprayer, How to Disinfect

SureFoot Game Day Persipration Mop

SureFoot Game Day Perspiration Mop