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Hillyard launches line of GOJO Industrial Hand Cleaners

Hillyard is proud to announce the addition of Gojo Industrial Hand Soaps to our offering. Formulated to provide superior cleaning and conditioning for hardworking hands, this new line offers a range of features, including heavy-duty formulas that effectively remove tough industrial soils and are gentle on the skin. The products also feature moisturizing ingredients to prevent hands from drying out, making them perfect for workers in tough industrial environments.


Industrial Hand Soap

Industrial hand soap is a specialized cleaning agent designed for use in demanding environments where hands are exposed to heavy-duty contaminants such as grease, oil, dirt, and various industrial residues. This type of soap is formulated with powerful detergents and often incorporates abrasive or scrubbing agents to effectively remove stubborn soils that regular hand soaps may struggle to address. This additional cleaning power makes them particularly well-suited for manufacturing, automotive, construction, or other industrial workers.

The GOJO Industrial Hand Cleaner Line

  • MULTI GREEN Hand Cleaner: GOJO MULTI GREEN Hand Cleaner is a USDA Certified Biobased Product, gel-style heavy-duty hand cleaner, featuring a citrus scent and natural scrubbing particles. Formulated for maximum cleaning power on a wide variety of soils. MULTI GREEN is a readily biodegradable formula with natural pumice scrubbers.
  • SUPRO MAX Hand Cleaner: GOJO SUPRO MAX Hand Cleaner is an innovative formula for use in industrial environments. It cleans the unique soils found in manufacturing environments with highly effective cleaning power that is gentle on the skin. SUPRO MAX is a fast and effective heavy-duty hand cleaner with walnut shell scrubbers.
  • NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner: GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner cleans and conditions hardworking hands. This quick-acting lotion formula with a fresh citrus scent and pumice scrubbing particles helps loosen stubborn dirt, oil, grease, and paint found in today's workplace.
  • GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Smooth Hand Cleaner: GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Smooth Hand Cleaner is a quick-acting lotion formula with a fresh citrus scent that cleans without harsh solvents. It is effective on dirt and soil and does not contain abrasive pumice.
  • CHERRY GEL Pumice Hand Cleaner: GOJO CHERRY GEL Pumice Hand Cleaner is a USDA Certified Biobased Product, gel-style heavy-duty hand cleaner designed to clean hardworking hands exposed to heavy metals, grease, paint, and tar. Formulated with natural pumice scrubbers and a cherry scent, this hand cleaner breaks down difficult soils while leaving hands feeling refreshed and smelling clean.


  • GOJO RICH PINK Antibacterial Lotion Soap: GOJO RICH PINK Antibacterial Lotion Soap is a high-performance, antibacterial lotion soap for general hand washing. Formulated with skin conditioners to moisturize as well as clean. This soap uses the same dispenser as the aforementioned industrial hand cleaners, giving you an option for general hand washing that streamlines your supply chain.

GOJO Skin Conditioner

  • GOJO HAND MEDIC Professional Skin Conditioner: GOJO HAND MEDIC Professional Skin Conditioner helps prevent dry, cracked skin by maintaining the skin's natural moisture level. It is fragrance-free and specially formulated for industrial environments. This lotion absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel.

GOJO Hand Cleaner and Skin Conditioner Dispensers

  • PRO TDX 2000 Dispenser: The GOJO PRO TDX 2000 Dispenser is used with these hand cleaners and is ideal for locker rooms, production, tool cribs/rooms, clean-up sinks, and maintenance areas. GOJO 2000ml soap refill packaging eliminates the time and mess associated with bulk refills. These refills are part of the SANITARY SEALED Soap System, which locks out germs to protect users' health.
  • GOJO HAND MEDIC ADX-7 Dispenser: The GOJO HAND MEDIC ADX-7 Dispenser is a push-style dispenser for HAND MEDIC Skin Conditioner 685ml Refills. It has a compact design for tight spaces. The large sight window allows for the monitoring of lotion levels.

Product Selection Chart

See the chart below to identify the best industrial hand soap for your soils.

Soils Examples GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Smooth Hand Cleaner GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner GOJO SUPRO MAX Hand Cleaner GOJO CHERRY GEL Pumice Hand Cleaner GOJO MULTI GREEN Hand Cleaner
Dirt Everyday dirt and dust that is not typically bonded to the skin Mud, Clay, Soil check check check check check
Oil Animal or petroleum-based liquids, typically with a low level of contaminants or added particulates. New Lubrication Oil, Cutting Oil, Clean Motor Oil check check check check check
Grease Heavy lubricating greases or contaminated oils, heavy carbon content, and hard to remove particulates Used or Dirty Oil-Based Liquids, Carbon Black (Carbon Dust), Bearing Grease, Brake Dust check check check check
Paint Oil-based paints and stains. Shellacs, Urethanes, varnish, Oil-based Paints, Wood Stains check check check check
Adhesives Glue, caulks, and other sticky bonding chemicals Tub & Tile Caulk, Construction Adhesives, Silicone Sealers check
Tar Tar and asphalt fillers, road material, and adhesives. Roofing Tars, Gasket Sealers, Asphalt and Asphalt Sealers, Creosote check check
Heavy Metals Lead and other potentially toxic heavy metals. Lead, Nickel, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury check check

Hillyard can help you find the best industrial hand cleaners

At Hillyard, customer satisfaction is paramount, and we understand the diverse needs of industrial facilities. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives is committed to assisting you in selecting the best industrial hand soap tailored to your facility's unique requirements. Whether you operate in manufacturing, healthcare, or any other industrial sector, our representatives are well-versed in the challenges specific to your environment. They understand our extensive product range, ensuring they can guide you toward the most effective and efficient hand soap solutions. With a focus on hygiene, safety, and cost-effectiveness, our representatives will work collaboratively with you to identify the optimal hand soap that aligns with your facility's standards and promotes a clean and healthy working environment. Use the "I'm Interested" form on this page, and one of our representatives will contact you.

About GOJO

GOJO Industries, founded in 1946, is a prominent American manufacturer globally recognized for its flagship product, Purell Hand Sanitizer. Specializing in hand hygiene and skin care solutions, GOJO has become synonymous with effective germ-killing, particularly during health crises. The company's diverse product range spans soaps, wipes, and dispensing systems, emphasizing sustainability. Beyond product innovation, GOJO actively promotes hygiene education and corporate social responsibility. With a commitment to public health, GOJO remains a trusted industry leader, contributing to global well-being through its pioneering approach to hand hygiene.

DISCLAIMER:  Specifications are subject to change without notice. Examples and recommendations in this article may not apply to every situation. This information is provided on an “as is” basis and does not supersede any other documentation. Always follow the instructions as written on the product label.

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