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Affinity by Hillyard
An Innovatively Simple Skin Care System

​An Innovatively Simple Skin Care System

One reliable, robust dispenser that delivers foam, liquid, or gel. It’s your choice. Fresh new fragrances and bright, attractive colors that will appeal to your senses. Add our Green Seal™-certified dye and fragrance-free formulas, and you have Affinity by Hillyard, the innovatively simple skin care system.

Next Generation Skin Care Technology Available Today

Hillyard's rich heritage includes designing systems dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of our customers. So much so that our founder, Newton S. Hillyard, was awarded patents in the early 1930's for innovatively designed hand soap systems. It's Mr. Hillyard's spirit of innovation that continues today with Affinity by Hillyard.

Sustainably Engineered

  • ​Space-saving dispenser design utilizes 25% less plastic by weight than other 1,250 mL dispensers without compromising reliability or durability.
  • Crystal clear, easily recyclable, super thin, yet super strong bi-directionally molded PET bottles and thoughtfully designed pumps utilize up to 50% less plastic than other 1,250 mL refills.

Unrelenting Quality Tested for Trouble-Free Performance

  • Every part of our system is thoroughly tested. Formulas, pumps, bottles, and dispensers. On-staff microbiologists constantly monitor quality while components are rigorously tested.
  • The pump is one of the most critical components of any soap system. It must be durable to withstand thousands of activations yet simple enough to be part of a cost-effective, sealed, and disposable refill. The Affinity pump strikes the perfect balance.
  • EVERY Affinity pump goes through a series of automated tests. After a pump passes all of its tests, the data is recorded, and a unique id number is stamped on its side.
  • Many pumps might be designed for trouble-free performance. Affinity pumps are designed and tested for trouble-free performance. Every single one of them!

Family Friendly

  • High-capacity 1,250 mL refills last longer and require fewer changes.
  • Fully ADA compliant, Affinity dispensers measure less than 4" deep and operate with less than 5 pounds of force.
  • The large sight window makes it easy for staff to monitor refills.
  • Sealed, hygienic refills reduce the risk of contamination associated with bulk soap dispensers.
  • The Affinity dispenser can be set up as either push button access or key access for additional security.
  • A thoughtful backplate design covers most dispenser footprints eliminating extra wall plates or time-consuming wall repairs.

Complete Selection of Cleaners and Sanitizers

  • Three different consistencies - Foam, Liquid, or Gel. All from the same dispenser.
  • Fantastic fragrances - Mandarin Cranberry, Cucumber Mellon, and Fresh Citrus.
  • Several Green Seal-certified options.
  • Optional tray accessory to keep floors clean.
  • Optional hand hygiene floor station for dispensing away from walls.

Customer Dispenser Plates - Build Your Brand

  • Full color printing, low minimums - 18 plates.
  • Branding plates are adhesive backed and acan easily be installed on wall-mounted dispensers.
  • Choice of solid or window-cut plates, black or white.
  • Designs only limited by your creativity.
  • Self-service design and ordering portal: artwork.hillyard.com
affinity custom branding

A Cost-Effective Combination Designed for Financially Savvy Managers

It's a pretty simple concept. Design a high-quality system that performs well under the pressure of facility budgets. Take the view that building long-term relationships with customers outweighs the quick sale. And the result is Affinity by Hillyard.

Handwashing Awareness Posters

Promote proper handwashing technique and stress the importance of frequent washing with these Handwashing Awareness Posters.

Affinity Dispenser Options

affinity skin care

Manual Affinity Dispensers

affinity skin care

Touch-Free Affinity Dispensers

  • 1,000 mL refills in a space-saving design.
  • Available in two colors, White and Black
  • Indicator light lets patrons know the system is ready to use.
  • Four C-batteries included. Good for up to 30,000 uses.
  • Personalize dispensers with a custom printed plate. Click here to upload artwork