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The Cloud-Based Custodial Management Solution

Hillyard’s CCAP (pronounced CAP) is a web-based suite of custodial management tools that helps facility directors deliver results.​


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The analysis suite provides a robust set of tools that analyzes facility data, cleaning staff, supplies and equipment. The system establishes a baseline cleaning program and then optimizes it to deliver better cleaning results within budget. Savvy facility directors use the tools in the suite to improve productivity by performing “what-if” comparison analysis with CCAP’s extensive database of industry standard cleaning times and procedures.




The management suite contains three critical management tools to successfully operate a high-performing custodial department. Task Manger helps manage staff work loads. QC Manager is used to effectively monitor and measure cleaning quality. And, Report Generator helps managers quickly generate reports that communicate department effectiveness. Also use Report Generator to automatically create cleaning procedures and department manuals.




The training suite contains a wide-array of online training tools for front-line cleaning staff and supervisors. Comprehensive training on cleaning processes is designed to introduce and reinforce best practice cleaning techniques resulting in improved cleaning quality and greater productivity.