​​​Elevate Restroom Cleaning - Improve Outcomes

Manual cleaning is hard, demoralizing work - bending, reaching and scrubbing!  It's the main reason restrooms continue to be the largest source of complaints, and the biggest cleaning headache for facility managers. With traditional, manual methods, surfaces rarely get the thorough cleaning they need, creating unsightly conditions and the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria!​

When a large chain of convenience stores started using Cleaning Companions, their restroom complaints dropped by 96%. 


Hillyard Cleaning Companions Make Cleaning Easy - Everyday!


Surfaces in bathrooms, like the undersides of fixtures, partitions and grout lines will finally get the attention they deserve, improving restroom facilities, cleaning quality, and staff morale!​

Choose from three systems:

  • CC17HP - High Pressure, Cord-Electric

      • ​​​CC17XP - Low Pressure, Battery-Operated Spray Application

      • CC17XPc - Low Pressure, Cord-Electric

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Reduce Cleaning Times by As Much As 67%


According to ISSA standards, when properly performed, traditional restroom cleaning takes about three minutes per fixture, and touch-free restroom cleaning takes about one minute per fixture. This time is fixture-based for total restroom cleaning which includes, walls, mirrors, floors, fixtures, trash and restocking of supplies.


Cleaning Time and Results


Because manual cleaning is so difficult, there's a good chance your staff is NOT spending the adequate time it takes to do the job right with traditional cleaning methods. The result is dirty, unsanitary restrooms.


When your staff starts using the Cleaning Companion, your restrooms will be cleaner, and more sanitary in about one minute per fixture, because the Cleaning Companion is easier to use and more effective.​


Apply, Rinse and Remove


​Downstream Injection for Improved Performance and Life

Cleaning chemical does not pass through the pump. It is injected into the water stream after the pump, improving pump life and performance.

Downstream injection allows the user to switch from chemical application mode to rinse mode at the gun instead of walking back to the base unit,simplifying the cleaning process and improving productivity.​