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​A Blended Learning Approach​


Hillyard University is a training and professional development system designed specifically for cleaning professionals. Hillyard University is a blended learning approach. It combines the best elements of online, on-site, and off-site learning. The goal is to deliver exceptional training that results in improved outcomes – higher productivity, lower turnover, and cleaner facilities.


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On-Site - Tools to Support Best Practices


  • Site specific customized training tools and job cards.

  • Hands-on teaching and training from Hillyard Consultants.

  • Reinforces best practices with hands-on learning.


Online - Learning Management System to Deliver Results


  • Flexibility and convenience needed in today's fast-paced workforce.

  • Utilizing online learning can greatly reduce training and development costs.

  • Automated reporting simplifies documentation requirements.


Off-Site School of Facility Management


  • Classroom and workshop style learning in St. Joseph, Mo.

  • Hone your facility management skills and gain valuable knowledge.

  • Help lower your facility's total cost to clean.

  • Improve overall facility appearance and quality.