Our Vision

Being the Best Solution


We are the best solution for customers wanting clean, safe​​​, healthy facilities at​ the lowest total cost!


Delivering Improved Cleaning Results and Lower Total Cost


  • ​​We evaluate our customer's cleaning programs and help implement best practice cleaning processes.
  • We train our customer's cleaning staff and provide the management tools ​that get results. 
  • We stay invested in our customer's success by continuously providing the ability to manage quality. ​​​
  • We truly earn the right to be your cleaning resource.     


Working with Customers Who Believe Cleanliness and Hygiene Is Paramount


We work with cleaning staffs and organizations who fundamentally believe they have an obligation to provide the cleanest, safest and healthiest environment for the stakeholders they serve. This fundamental belief is critical for our customers to succeed and our own success. ​

Our Values

We achieve business and customer excellence by adhering to the following principles:

  • A “Customer 1st” attitude in everything we do.

  • ​The pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.
  • A belief that we can assist customers achieve the lowest total cost of clean without sacrificing quality or best-in-class service.
  • To be “easy to do business with."
  • Loyalty and unflagging support to our customers.
  • A commitment to integrity and high ethical standards in all our relationships.
  • A commitment to the communities in which we live.
  • ​Empowering and encouraging our employees to grow professionally and personally in their roles as stewards of this mission.