​​​Deliver Clean, Safe, Healthy Facilities - Profitably

We understand delivering clean, safe, facilities - profitably - is a big job. As a successful building service contractor you need to be:

  • Providing savings to your clients.

  • Training your staff to deliver quality results.

  • Implementing best practice cleaning processes that deliver results at the total cost.

  • Using management systems toworkload buildings and calculate product usage.

  • Streamlining purchasing to maintain focus on what you do best - delivering clean.

  • ​Taking advantage of volume purchasing and rebate plans that improve profitability. 

Hillyard Can Help

Being a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of cleaning supplies and equipment, we are uniquely positioned to help. We have what it takes to help you get the results you are looking for:


  • Best practice cleaning products and processes.

  • Training resources.

  • Online management and procurement systems.

  • Volume purchasing programs.

  •  And more!​