Our Focus, Your Solution for Clean, Safe, Healthy Learning Environments

Buying cleaning supplies and equipment is just a small part of the total cleaning results equation. Our experience tells us providing a clean, safe, healthy learning environment is more than just a procurement-driven decision.  

Delivering clean, safe, and healthy requires:

  • A vendor partner who has the focus, understanding, and expertise in implementing the right cleaning processes that deliver the best results at the lowest total cost. 

  • A vendor partner who understands clean, safe healthy buildings are delivered by people and that elevating and motivating your custodial staff is critical to delivering​ results. 

  • ​A vendor partner who takes the time and has the ability and expertise to train your custodial staff to deliver the best possible results.

  • A vendor partner who has developed the right quality management tools that keep cleaning results at a high le​vel. 


​Nobody does it better than Hillyard. It is our purpose, passion and focus. 


We can help you when:


  • Budgetary constraints force your staff to do more with less.

  • You need to understand the impact of outsourcing and insourcing decisions.

  • You are looking to implement the right sustainable cleaning practices that make a difference.

  • ​​​You want to compare current cleaning standards to best practice benchmarks.

  • ​You need clean, safe, healthy facilities within your budget​.​​

Let us start helping you by providing a no-obligation evaluation of your current cleaning program.