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Innovative Technology
Leverage technology to enhance productivity

Intelligent Drive Technology
Simplified Cleaning and Control a Finger-tip Touch Away

​​The operator is the center of a high-tech universe, where everything is easy and intuitive. All functions and activities are managed from a single interface, where a mere touch of the finger offers access to an extraordinary choice of customizable features that satisfy all types of requirements with effortless simplicity. The high-definition color display offers the same intuitive experience as a smartphone.


Log-In With Password

Protect your investment and personalize the settings with ease.

Rear-view Camera

Keep everything under control.

Custom Work Zone Programs

​​​​​​​One-touch equipment settings for area types or different operators.

ECO Mode

Sustainable, cost-effective cleaning.

Onboard Digital Instructions

Giving you all the information you need exactly when you need it.

Power Mode

Maximum power for tough cleaning.