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Summer Renovation Season
Hillyard Can Help You Get Ready

Summer Renovation Season

Once the school year ends, facility managers have a brief opportunity to complete critical cleaning tasks. Planning for this time is crucial because it will help you avoid common pitfalls. Shortfalls in cleaning supply inventory, trained manpower, or equipment capabilities can grind summer renovation progress to a halt.

A comprehensive summer renovation plan helps managers achieve desired outcomes by minimizing disruptions caused by resource shortfalls. Critical steps in this planning process include determining the scope of work, allocating resources, and developing a schedule to avoid troubles. Make the most of the summer renovation season by working with your local Hillyard representative to develop a comprehensive plan. Hillyard has everything you need to complete your summer renovation, including cleaning chemicals, floor finishes, equipment, supplies, and personal protective equipment.

Get Planning Started!

To help you get your planning process started, we’re holding a series of 30-minute webinars on essential renovation subjects. These webinars are perfect for Facility Managers responsible for developing and implementing summer renovation activities. See the schedule below for the dates and topics for these meetings. A single registration gives you access to all four sessions. Please click one of the buttons below to register for your preferred time slot, mornings (9AM CST) or afternoons (2PM CST).

Webinar Schedule

school is out for summer

Dive Deeper

Check out the links below for a more in-depth explanation of the processes and products Hillyard recommends.

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