​​​Arsenal One - Dilution Control Simplified​

At Hillyard, we understand professional cleaning. We know it's not a "one size fits all" approach. We also know standardization and consistency is critical to delivering clean, healthy buildings in a cost effective manner. That's why we have developed the Arsenal One Dilution Control System - one refill style dispensed through three dispensing options.  Same great formulas. Same color and number coding to simplify training. And, dispensing options designed for the way your staff works to help deliver the cleaning results your stakeholders demand.​​

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Arsenal One 4D - Dedicated Four Product Dispensing



Arsenal One QC - Quick Change Multi-Product Dispensing

Arsenal One PD - Portable Dispensing​​​

Dilution control on-the-go! Simply connect to any water source. Dispenses the perfect dilution to fill bottles, buckets, scrubbers. Or, use the foaming attachment to apply foaming cleaners.

High Performance Concentrate System

One refill style  works inall three dispensing options​​​​. It simplifies cleaning processes, training, and procurement.


  • High capacity 2.5 liter refills strike the right balance for both dedicated wall mount and portable on-the-go dispensing.

  • ​Sealed, tip-in-bottle dilution eliminates dispenser tip maintenance hassles and ensures accurate dilutions.


  • Closed loop technology eliminates spills and direct contact with concentrated chemical.


  • ​With over 107 years of experience formulating high performance cleaning systems, you can be confident you're getting the best products to get the job done right!​

​​Closed Loop Technology​ Delivers Uncompromising Safety and Performance  ​​​​​