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​​Hand Defense® - Professional Hand Hygiene


Did you know 40 percent of industrial workers will suffer from occupational dermatitis? It's a serious problem that causes pain, illness, absenteeism, lost productivity and increased costs for employers, according to the CDC. 


Hillyard Hand Defense® is a simple, yet effective skin care regimen that can help keep skin healthy and occupational dermatitis at bay. Clean hands with one of our five professional hand wash formulas​, and help protect and restore the skin with Hillyard Hand Defense Skin Moisturizer.


Bio-based Solvents - Surfacts - Emollients - ​A Smart Choice!


Many heavy-duty hand soap formulators use petroleum-based solvents, like mineral spirits, to help cut the grease and grime on dirty hands. While effective, there are natural-based alternatives.


Hand Defense products are formulated with natural, bio-based solvents, surfactants, and ​​​emollients.† 


Hillyard formulations with lower concentrations of natural solvents are very efficient at breaking down grease and grime when compared to products with higher concentrations of mineral spirit-based solvents.


Natural solvents, surfactants and emollients - a smart choice for your hands and our environment!

Heavy-Duty Dispensing


The Hand Defense System includes two dispensing platforms. The H.D. 2000 is designed to dispense the five hand wash formulas in high capacity 2000ml cartridges. The H.D. 1250 dispensing platform is designed to dispense Hand Defense Skin Moisturizer in 1250ml cartridges, and all Hillyard Affinity® brand manual system 1250ml cartridges. The Affinity brand provides access to a wide array of skin care formulas including instant hand sanitizer, hair and body wash, antimicrobial soap, Green Seal™-certified products and more.



Product Formulas


A solvent-free, fragrance-free and dye-free industrial hand soap for light duty soils. LDN-Natural contains biodegradable walnut scrubbers to aid in cleaning.

Dispensing System: H.D. 2000



A light-solvent, medium-duty industrial hand soap with natural pumice scrubbers and a fresh citrus scent.

Dispensing System: H.D. 2000



A heavy duty, pumice-free gel industrial hand soap with a fresh citrus scent that works great on grease, grime, inks and paint.

Dispensing System: H.D. 2000



A heavy-duty industrial hand soap fortified with natural pumice scrubbers that works great on grease, grime, inks and paint. Contains a fresh citrus scent.

Dispensing System: H.D. 2000



A cherry-scented, heavy-duty industrial hand soap fortified with natural pumice scrubbers that works great on grease, grime and adhesives. 

Dispensing System: H.D. 2000


Skin Moisturizer​

A silicon-free and fragrance-free skin moisturizer that restores the skins moisture balance to help prevent dryness and cracking. Apply before and after work, 3-4 times daily.

Dispensing System: H.D. 1250


† LDN-Natural is solvent-free and contains natural bio-based emollients and surfactants. MDP-Citrus, HD-Citrus, HDP-Citrus  contain natural bio-based solvents, emollients and surfactants. HDP-Cherry contains bio-based emollients and VOC exempt mineral-spirit solvent.​