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Trophy H20 - High Performance Coatings Simplified

The Problem

Wood sport floors need to be refinished on a regular basis to protect the surface and keep athletes safe.  Refinishing requires prep-work and downtime. And, many times two coats of finish are required to achieve an acceptable level of finish to protect the floor and get a deep gloss look.  Oil-based finishes require even more prep-work and downtime to cure and they release a much heavier odor in the facility.​

The Solution

Trophy H2O is a water-based, high solids gym finish with an easy prep process, low odor, faster cure time, and high durability.  

High-Solids, One-Coat Coverage

The high 36% solids content delivers one-coat coverage that saves application time and uses less product, which lowers cost and improves results.

Exceptional Clarity & Depth

Other finishes distort the natural color of the wood and can alter the true color of game lines and painted logos. Trophy H20’s clarity and depth keep colors true.

Quadra-link Technology for Durability

Proprietary polymer technology delivers a tougher coating with a faster cure time by having  up to four-times the cross-linking capability of typical 2K systems.

Fast Cure Time - Less Downtime

Quadra-link technology not only delivers durability, it helps Trophy H20 cure faster than traditional finishes.  Under normal conditions, Trophy H20 will be 95% cured and ready for play in 72 hours!

Water-based - Low Odor - Low VOCs

Trophy H20’s virtually odorless application, and a VOC level under 250, minimizes the impact on your facilities environment.

Simple Prep

​SPP pads are used to prep the floor and provide adhesion for the new finish. SPP pads deliver the right amount of abrasion without creating swirl marks like traditional screen prep methods can if not done properly. ​

Easy Application

Trophy H2O has been formulated to make application smooth and forgiving. It’s a high-solids gym finish that applies like a low-solids finish.