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Biological Hard Floor Cleaner

Non-stop Continuous Cleaning Action

Tackle greasy floors with an everyday, no-rinse floor cleaner fortified with grease-eliminating enzymes. The biotechnology in Britenz-It® keeps the good bacteria producing billions of grease-busting enzymes around the clock 24/7. As long as there is a food source (grease) and moisture in the air, Britenz-It will be at work, consuming grease, and making future cleaning easier!

Heavy Grease Build-up

Grease builds up in grout lines. Shoes spread the grease across the floor, creating the potential for a dangerous slip/fall accident.

1 - 3 Weeks Later

After 1-3 weeks, with daily application, the continuous enzyme action removed much of the grease from the grout lines.

3 - 6 Weeks Later

After 3-6 weeks, with daily application. Ongoing use will continue to consume and remove grease as it is deposited on the floor, making the floor much safer.

pH Drop Confirms Enzyme Performance

Enzymes breakdown grease molecules into fatty acids.  Over time, if the enzymes are doing their job breaking down the grease, the pH level will drop. Testing with Britenz-It® shows a significant yet safe drop in pH, confirming performance. In turn, the good bacteria feed on the fatty acids broken down by the enzymes and turn the fatty acids back into carbon dioxide and water.

Emulsify and Remove Grease More Effectively

In laboratory testing, grease/fat is added to solution and stirred for 4 hours. White objects on the bottom are the magnetic stirring mechanisms. Laboratory experiment shows how Britenz-It effectively breaks down grease when compared to water and a typical floor cleaner. The cloudy appearance of Britenz-It indicates the fat was emulsified.   

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