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American Restrooms' Approval Rating Reaches All Time Low

September 10, 2016

Americans are increasingly disgusted with public restrooms. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) recently reported that the number of Americans reporting unpleasant experiences in public restrooms has increased from 50% in 2012 to 70% today. Smells, clogs, broken latches, and overall lack of cleanliness are the most common complaints.

Americans are increasingly disgusted with public restrooms. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) recently reported that the number of Americans reporting unpleasant experiences in public restrooms has increased from 50% in 2012 to 70% today. Smells, clogs, broken latches, and overall lack of cleanliness are the most common complaints.

Customers aren't the only ones with complaints, however. In the workplace, 88% of employees think the condition of the restrooms says a lot about how the company values them.

The survey also revealed how Americans are coping with these restrooms. A majority report flushing toilets with their foot so that they do not touch dirty handles. Most use paper towels to avoid touching door handles; some use their backside to open doors. It's easy to see why someone wouldn't want to touch these grimy door or faucet handles with freshly washed hands.

This experience reflects on the restroom owner, particularly for restaurants, health care facilities and schools. Patrons believe that the physical condition of the restroom demonstrates management's attitude toward its customers. Many share their restroom opinions with friends, and some will even write off a restaurant entirely based on a dirty restroom. More than half of consumers would give a negative review of a business based on restroom cleanliness. Furthermore, a dirty bathroom lowers the perception of the products and services offered by the establishment.

When it comes to schools, in a survey published on Cleanlink.com, 70% of parents surveyed say a school's restroom reflects the quality of the school, its staff and its teachers.

What's the solution? Effective and frequent cleaning. However, that can be more difficult to accomplish than you think. In a study published on facilityexecutive.com, 4 out of 5 custodians say restroom cleaning is their most difficult task. It's because traditional restroom cleaning is a dirty, sometimes – no always - disgusting, tough job. That's why it doesn't get done properly. It takes a physical toll having to bend, reach, scrub, and mop.

Speaking about mopping, if custodians are using traditional string mop and bucket methods, all that's really getting accomplished is dirt and filth being re-deposited and spread around the restroom floor. The telltale sign of soil-spread is that dirty wring around the bathroom wall just above the floor. Take a look the next time you visit a restroom. If you are not removing the soil and germs from restrooms, you have created the perfect breeding ground for on-going, odor-causing bacteria.

This is exactly why Hillyard has developed the Cleaning Companion system.

The Cleaning Companion is a touch-free cleaning system that makes restroom cleaning an easy and dignified process. It can also reduce cleaning time by as much as 67% (if the restroom was getting cleaned properly to begin with). The key is its simple set-up and operation. Fill the on-board tank with fresh water, connect Hillyard specially-formulated cleaning chemicals that are safe for fixtures, and squeeze the trigger on the hand-held spray gun.

The Cleaning Companion mixes the cleaning solution with water at exactly the right dilution, making the operators job as simple as spray, rinse, and remove.

Choose the cord-electric, high-pressure C3 HP for high volume restrooms, shower rooms, kitchens or heavy soil loads. Or, choose the lower pressure, battery operated C3 XP for daily restroom cleaning with moderate soil loads. Either way, this all-in-one solution is indispensable in helping protect your customers', staff, or students health and well-being and your organizations reputation.

Turn the tide of American disgust with public restrooms and keep the germs in check with the Hillyard Cleaning Companion.

Click here for more information on the Hillyard Cleaning Companion.

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