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Protect your Investment with Gym Floor Cover Matting

A school gymnasium often serves as a central meeting point for school events. Because gyms are large with ample seating, they often get used for assemblies and performances. The open floor makes them ideal for school fairs, community events, and student gatherings, like dances and concerts. While this is an excellent benefit for the school system, the non-sport traffic on these floors can damage the finish or, worse, the hardwood floor.


Gym Floor Covers lower the risk of damage from non-sporting events. For a fraction of the cost of repairing damaged finish and flooring, gym floor covers provide a durable, reusable protective covering. This article will review the types of covers and their benefits. We will also look at the accessories that make floor cover deployment and storage more efficient.

Types of Gym Floor Covers

Gym floor protection comes in two basic forms: tiles and rolls.

Gym Floor Cover Tiles

Gym floor tiles are rectangular tiles around 36" wide by 72" long. They commonly have a non-slip backing surface that keeps them in place.



  • Gym floor tiles are easy to install for a single person. Because the tiles typically weigh under ten pounds, a single person can deploy them.
  • Versatile configuration. Tiles can be arranged to accommodate specific situations or to protect flooring in narrow areas like entryways.
  • Easily replaceable. In the event of damage, tiles are more easily replaced than larger rolls of flooring protection.


  • Gym floor cover tiles take longer to deploy than rolls.
  • Storing tiles can take up more space than rolls. Floor covering tiles are typically stored on a flat cart. A single cart can hold about 3,400 square feet of tiles. By comparison, a cart designed to hold rolls can store about twice that amount in the same footprint.

Gym Floor Cover Rolls


These covers come in two different constructions, polyester top cloth, and vinyl.

Polyester Top Cloth

Some rolls combine a non-woven polyester cloth fabric top layer with a non-slip, moisture-resistant bottom layer. The polyester top cloth layer absorbs moisture and dampens sound, making it ideal for assemblies and concerts.


Vinyl cover rolls have a polyester layer laminated with a vinyl layer. This construction generally costs less per square foot but does not offer the same liquid and sound absorbing capabilities as the polyester top cloth version.


  • Gym floor cover rolls are quickly deployed. Protective cover rolls can be deployed as quickly as 10,000 square feet in 30 minutes when combined with a storage rack system.
  • Customizable lengths. These rolls can be cut to any length, making them great for protecting larger areas.
  • Compact storage racks. Storage racks for protective covers can store up to 7,000 square feet on a single rack. Some racks also have motorized winders to make storage easier.
  • Some covers have a reusable hook and loop seaming system, eliminating the need for taping seams.


  • Seam Taping. Some gym floor cover rolls require seam taping to ensure the edges stay down during use. This extra process adds some time to deployment and storage.

Specialty Gym Floor Protection Mats

Courtside Protection Runners

Courtside runners are a practical solution for safeguarding the courtside areas of your gym floor. They are constructed with a non-skid, moisture barrier backing and a top cloth made of 100% recycled polyester non-woven material. These mats effectively prevent damage caused by spills, foot traffic, furniture, and equipment. Many manufacturers offer an option to print your school logo on the mat.


Batting Cage Tunnel Mats

Protect wood gym floors from damage during indoor batting practice with gym matting. A durable top cloth is combined with a foam backing to protect the floor from impacts during practice. These mats are cut to a specified length to accommodate any area. In addition to the matting, you can purchase a pre-printed mat depicting home plate and the batter's box margins.

Gator Matting - Hillyard's Gym Floor Protection Solution

Discover a comprehensive array of matting solutions from Hillyard designed to safeguard your gym floors during special events. Dive into our detailed matting catalog on this page for an in-depth exploration of our offerings. For personalized guidance and expert insights on choosing the right matting solution for your needs, reach out to your local Hillyard representative. Use the "I'm Interested" form below, and our representatives will promptly get in touch with you, ensuring you receive the assistance you need to protect your gym floors effectively and safely.

DISCLAIMER:  Specifications are subject to change without notice. Examples and recommendations in this article may not apply to every situation. This information is provided on an “as is” basis and does not supersede any other documentation. Always follow the instructions as written on the product label.

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