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Summer Renovation Season: Renovating Resilient Flooring 2024 Update

Once the school year ends, facility managers have a brief opportunity to complete critical cleaning tasks. Planning for this time is crucial because it will help you avoid common pitfalls. Shortfalls in cleaning supply inventory, trained manpower, or equipment capabilities can grind summer renovation progress to a halt.


A comprehensive summer renovation plan helps managers achieve desired outcomes by minimizing disruptions caused by resource shortfalls. Critical steps in this planning process include determining the scope of work, allocating resources, and developing a schedule to avoid troubles. You can make the most of the summer renovation season by working with your local Hillyard representative to develop a comprehensive plan. Hillyard has everything you need to complete your summer renovation, including cleaning solutions, floor finishes, equipment, supplies, and personal protective equipment.

Planning a Resilient Floor Restoration Program

For many facilities, resilient floor maintenance is the largest single task. Experience shows that approximately 50% of custodial time spent on summer clean-up in a classroom is spent on floor maintenance. Because this work is so demanding, the custodial staff must use their time effectively. With the right approach, facility managers can optimize maintenance, making floors look their best at the lowest total cost.

The key to optimizing a resilient floor program is dividing the total square footage into two categories. Twenty-five percent of the flooring should be stripped and recoated each year, and the remainder should be restored with a top scrub and recoat process. By following this method, the floors will look great and fully take advantage of the useful lifespan of the floor finish.

Strip and Finish (25% of total area each year)

A best-practice resilient floor care program starts from the ground up. Get a fresh start by stripping away the old finish and building a new protective coating with multiple layers of Hillyard finish. If floors show yellowing, embedded dirt, or irreparable damage, it is time to strip and recoat. Hillyard recommends completely stripping away floor finish and giving your floors a fresh start every three to five years.



Need help choosing the best floor stripper? Check out this best practice guide for floor stripping

Scrub and Recoat (75% of total area each year)

Multiple coats of floor finish create a smooth protective coating. The smooth coating reflects the light, creating a glossy appearance. Over time, soil and grit create pits and grooves in the coating. The pits and grooves trap dirt and soil, deflecting the light and lowering gloss levels, making the floor look dull and dirty. To extend the life of a floor coating, Hillyard recommends an interim process to revitalize the floor’s appearance. By scrubbing with a floor machine or an automatic scrubber and a scrub pad, custodians can remove one to two layers of floor finish, along with the embedded dirt and scratches in those layers. After the floor is clean and dry, apply a few new coats of floor finish, restoring the gloss level and protection.



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Facility Armor Contain Mat, 6' x 6'

Facility Armor Contain Mat

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Case Study: Planning a Resilient Floor Renovation Program for a 400,000-Square-Foot Area.


In this example, we will calculate the materials and labor needed to renovate a hypothetical school system with 400,000 square feet of flooring. In this example, we plan to strip and finish one-quarter of the area and plan to top scrub and recoat the remaining space. This is an important concept. By breaking the space into quarters, we maximize the working life of the floor finish while maintaining exceptional appearance and floor protection.

In addition to calculating the labor and materials required, we will compare two methods for applying floor finish, the Multi-Flo XP and a microfiber flat mop. Through this comparison, we can calculate the return on investment on the Multi-Flo XP. We will also compare the labor savings gained using an automatic scrubber while top scrubbing instead of a floor machine and wet/dry vacuum.

The 25% Method

First, we need to divide the total square footage into quarters. Each year, we will strip and refinish one-quarter of the space. The rest of the space will be renovated using a lower-cost scrub and recoat method. In this example, the total area is 400,000 ft2, so 100,000 ft2will be stripped and refinished. 300,000 ft2will be top scrubbed and recoated.

Year 1 Strip and Finish Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat
Year 2 Top Scrub and Recoat Strip and Finish Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat
Year 3 Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat Strip and Finish Top Scrub and Recoat
Year 4 Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat Top Scrub and Recoat Strip and Finish

Strip and Finish (100,000 Square Feet)

To calculate the materials and labor requirements for the strip and finish operation, we need to know the coverage rates for the materials and the productivity rates for the methods used. The experts at Hillyard can provide coverage rates for all our cleaning solutions and coatings. We also use the ISSA standard cleaning rates for labor in this calculation.

  • Area to Strip and Recoat: 100,000 square feet
  • Layers of Finish to Strip: 10
  • Coats of Finish to Replace: 5

Stripping Products and Labor Required

Finish Applicator Flat Mop Multi-Flo XP
Arsenal Stripper (Half Gallons) 82 82
Nutra-Rinse (Gallons) 12 12
Explorer Floor Finish (Gallons) 350 350
Gel Baseboard Stripper (Quarts) 67 67
Black Strip Pads (Each) 7 7
Labor Hours, Stripping 83 83
Labor Hours, Finish Application 250 63
Total Labor Hours 333 146

Scrub and Recoat (300,000 Square Feet)

As we did for the Strip and Finish process, we will use Hillyard’s recommended coverage rates and ISSA cleaning times to calculate the required materials and labor. We will also calculate the labor rates using a 20” automatic scrubber and a standard floor machine.

  • Area to Strip and Recoat: 300,000 square feet
  • Coats of Finish to Replace: 2

Scrub and Recoat Products and Labor Required

Top Scrub Method Floor Machine Floor Machine 20-inch Scrubber 20-inch Scrubber
Finish Applicator Flat Mop Multi-Flo XP Flat Mop Multi-Flo XP
Arsenal Recoat Prep (2.5L Containers) 28 28 28 28
Blue Cleaner Pads (Each) 11 11 11 11
Explorer Floor Finish (Gallons) 400 400 400 400
Labor Hours, Top Scrubbing 171 171 67 67
Labor Hours, Finish Application 300 75 300 75
Total Labor Hours 471 246 367 142

Total Labor Cost and Equipment ROI Calculation

Now that we've calculated the labor and materials required, we can examine the difference in labor based on the equipment used.

Total Labor (Highest vs. Lowest)

Process Area (Square Feet) Highest Labor Estimate
(Flat Mop & Floor Machine)
Lowest Labor Estimate
(Multi-Flo XP & 20-inch Scrubber)
Strip and Finish 100,000 333 Hours 146 Hours
Scrub and Recoat 300,000 471 Hours 142 Hours
Totals 400,000 804 Hours 288 Hours

Equipment Cost

By using more efficient equipment, we can save over 500 hours of labor during this project. Assuming a labor rate of $18 per hour, we can calculate the labor savings and the return on investment for the equipment used.

Equipment List Price
(March 2024)
Multi-Flo XP $1,452.39
Trident T20SC Pro Disc $8,888.57
Total Equipment Cost $10,340.96

Calculating Equipment ROI

Labor Hours Saved 516 Hours
Labor Rate $18 per hour
Labor Savings Per Year $9,288.00
Total Equipment Cost $10,340.96
Payback Period 1.1 years
Return on Investment 90%

About The ROI Calculation

Based on this calculation, the labor saved will be greater than the cost of the equipment after 1.1 years. In other words, by the end of the second renovation year, the equipment will have saved more labor than it cost to purchase. Another way to interpret this calculation is to say that the labor saved each year equals 90% of the cost of the equipment.

This is an excellent example of how better processes can lower total costs. Since the equipment purchased can be used for several years, this one-year example is only a fraction of the total savings.

Hillyard can help you plan and execute your project

Hillyard has a network of experts stationed throughout the United States, ready to assist you in planning your resilient flooring renovation. Whether you're seeking guidance on selecting the right cleaning solutions, floor finishes, equipment, or supplies, our knowledgeable representatives can offer tailored solutions to your needs. With their expertise, you can confidently navigate the renovation process, ensuring optimal results for your facility. Take the first step towards your renovation journey by filling out the "I'm Interested" form at the bottom of this page, and one of our experienced professionals will promptly reach out to assist you.

DISCLAIMER:  Specifications are subject to change without notice. Examples and recommendations in this article may not apply to every situation. This information is provided on an “as is” basis and does not supersede any other documentation. Always follow the instructions as written on the product label.

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