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Celebrating Safety Excellence: Hillyard, Inc. Honored with NPTC Fleet Safety Awards

ARLINGTON, VA – Hillyard, Inc. has been recognized for its outstanding commitment to safety, receiving multiple honors at the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Fleet Safety Awards. The awards ceremony, sponsored by International Truck, took place during the NPTC Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition from April 21-23 in Orlando, Florida.

The NPTC Fleet Safety Awards are a prestigious recognition, celebrating private fleets that demonstrate exceptional safety performance and continuous improvement in their operations. “The Fleet Safety Awards recognize NPTC member companies that work to make safety a priority in their private fleet operations,” said Tim Eckhardt, CTP, NPTC Board of Directors Secretary, Chair of the Safety Committee, and Director of Safety for Dot Transportation, Inc. These awards highlight companies with the lowest ratio of accidents per million miles for the past year, a testament to their rigorous safety standards and practices.

Hillyard's Achievements

This year, Hillyard, Inc. stood out by securing top honors in multiple categories, showcasing their dedication to maintaining and enhancing safety within their fleet operations.

Mixed Small Fleet Category

Hillyard, Inc. was recognized in the Mixed Small (fewer than 100 vehicles) category, reflecting their outstanding safety record in a fleet of their size. This award underscores the company's commitment to ensuring their vehicles operate safely, regardless of the challenges presented by their operations.

Gold Seal Award

Hillyard, Inc. was also one of the recipients of the Gold Seal Award, which is presented to fleets with a terminal that experienced zero crashes in 2023. This accolade highlights Hillyard’s exceptional safety protocols and the effectiveness of their comprehensive safety training programs.

Silver Seal Award

Moreover, Hillyard, Inc. earned the Silver Seal Award, given to companies with a terminal that reduced its vehicle crash rates by 40% or more compared to the previous year. This significant reduction demonstrates Hillyard’s proactive approach to enhancing safety measures and continuously improving their operational safety standards.

A Commitment to Safety

Hillyard, Inc.’s recognition at the NPTC Fleet Safety Awards is a testament to their relentless focus on safety. By implementing rigorous safety protocols, investing in ongoing training, and fostering a culture that prioritizes the well-being of their drivers and the public, Hillyard has set a benchmark in the industry.

“We are incredibly proud of our team for their dedication to safety,” said Chuck Amen, Manager of Transportation Operations at Hillyard. “These awards validate the hard work and commitment of our drivers, safety personnel, and all team members who contribute to making our fleet operations among the safest in the industry.”

Hillyard’s achievements at the NPTC Fleet Safety Awards highlight their exceptional safety performance and ongoing commitment to excellence. As they continue to prioritize safety and innovate in their operations, Hillyard sets a high standard for others in the industry to follow.

To learn more about the NPTC and the Fleet Safety Awards, check out the NPTC website.

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