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Looking for Better Results with Microfiber? Not All Microfiber is Created Equal

October 13, 2016

Large facilities such as schools and hospitals rely on cleanliness not only for aesthetic reasons but for health and safety. The health of everyone who works and patronizes these buildings is of the utmost importance and maintaining that cleanliness is no easy task.

Large facilities such as schools and hospitals rely on cleanliness not only for aesthetic reasons but for health and safety. The health of everyone who works and patronizes these buildings is of the utmost importance and maintaining that cleanliness is no easy task. When the custodial staff doesn't have the right cleaning systems, safety, hygiene and sanitization can suffer resulting in the spread of germs. This is especially true with hard surface cleaning and sanitation where traditional string mops and cloths are used. There is a solution, it's using high-performance microfiber cleaning systems.

In a study published by the United States Environmental Protection AgencyUsing Microfiber in Hospitals, it showed microfiber delivers superior results to traditional string mop. Among the finding it showed microfiber:

  • Cleans floors three times faster
  • Reduces chemical and water consumption up to 95%
  • Reduces bacteria by 99% compared to 30% by string mops
  • Reduces potential staff injury and workers' comp
  • Provides a lifetime cost savings of 60% over string mops

However, not all microfiber is created equal. The Hillyard Trident premium line of microfiber is engineered for high-performance cleaning and the following characteristics set Trident apart from traditional microfiber, delivering better results and lowest total cost!

Triple Split™ Fiber
High performance microfiber goes through a splitting process that leaves a cross-section of the fiber looking like an asterisk. The splits provide space to capture soil, bacteria and absorb liquid. Without splitting, a microfiber mop would act like a cotton mop and just push soil around. Most microfib ers go through the splitting process once. Trident microfibers are split three times! More splits, more capacity, better cleaning results!

Flow-Through Mesh Backing
When used in our PreTreat system, the cleaning solution quickly saturates the mops and allows for complete and even coverage enhancing productivity and performance - ready to use without waiting! The mesh backing improves cleanability - during the laundering process soil and moisture passes through the backing speeding dry times and delivering a cleaner mop.

Double Stitched
What's better than one row of stitching? Two rows of stitching! Greater durability - longer life expectancy.

Twist Loop Pile
Twist loop pile excels at cleaning uneven surfaces like grout and tile. It captures larger soil particles, absorbs more moisture, and retains more soil then cut microfiber - increasing the amount of square footage one pad can clean - improving productivity.

Debris Channel™ Design
The channels between the rows of microfiber are designed to move soil up into the mop - capturing soil and moisture across the entire width and length of the fiber twist loops - delivering greater load capacity and higher productivity.

Pocket Technology
Many microfiber mops utilize "hook and loop" fastening to attach the mop to the frame. The problem, after repeated wash ings and debris getting trapped in the backing, is the mop loses adhesion to the mop frame. Sliding the frame into the pocket of a Trident Premium Mop, ensures hassle-free performance time after time.

Engineered To Last
Trident Premium Pocket Microfiber Wet Mops are engineered to last for more than 750 washings when proper Trident washing instructions are followed.

Competitive mops can utilize inner-layer fillers that can trap soiled solution and harbor bacteria between the layers. Trident construction stitches fiber right to the mesh backing, eliminating filler, so soil and bacteria can be removed during the laundering process.

Hillyard knows the importance of maintaining cleanliness in large, high traffic facilities and also understands the toll it can take on workers. Without products that are up to the task, bacteria can spread due to dirty mops and poor equipment, injuries can increase driving worker's comp costs up, and cleaning can be hard on facilities' staff. You need products that can help you achieve the best outcomes with every use. Hillyard is dedicated to meeting all these needs and beyond, making Trident Microfiber the absolute best choice in cleaning.

Click here for more information on Trident Microfiber.

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