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Matting That Makes A Difference - Clean-In-Place Matting

April 10, 2018

Gator® Matting by Hillyard is the perfect solution for clean-in-place matting.

It's always a fight to keep soils at bay before it gets tracked into your building. If you're using traditional “throw-down" mats, maybe it’s time to look at a better solution! A solution that stops soils and improves cleaning results and lowers your total cost to clean.

Custom, clean-in-place matting systems offer a host of advantages over traditional “throw-down” mats, but what makes clean-in-place matting the smart business solution?

Clean-in-place saves time. Vacuuming and extracting in place instead of removing mats to clean, or having to clean around mats is more efficient than alternative options.

Clean-in-place is a safer alternative. It offers better protection and reduces slip/fall potentials by covering more area. It also reduces the potential for trip hazards associated with raised corners on traditional mats or multiple “patch-work” mats placed in the entryway.

Clean-in-place matting looks better. A clean-in-place system doesn’t have the torn or curled edges associated with traditional mats.

Gator® Matting by Hillyard is the perfect solution for clean-in-place matting. It is non-porous, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and highly resilient, making it last longer and look better than traditional “throw-down” mats.

Gator® brand high-performance matting, when deployed properly, can lower the frequency of some restorative cleaning processes, like stripping and recoating floors, and extracting carpets. Lowering the frequency of these processes can have a positive impact on indoor air quality, and resource consumption. The result is an improved environmental impact on your building, its occupants, and the outdoor environment.

Gator® Matting is your lowest total cost solution. It costs less to clean and maintain, and it traps more soil and dirt before it enters your facility, lowering your total cost to clean.

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