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Fresh Start
Strip, Seal, and Finish

Restore Floors with a Fresh Start

A best-practice resilient floor care program starts from the ground up. Get a fresh start by stripping away the old finish and building a new protective coating with multiple layers of Hillyard finish. If floors show yellowing, embedded dirt, or irreparable damage, it is time to strip and recoat. Hillyard recommends completely stripping away floor finish and giving your floors a fresh start every three to five years.

Hillyard has Account Managers throughout the country that can evaluate your facility and provide recommendations. They can also provide training to ensure your staff understands the best way to get the best results. Use the “I’m Interested” form to contact us, and one of our representatives will reach out to you.

Stripping Floors

Like most jobs, it’s best to have a plan before you start stripping a floor. Making sure you have the correct number of people and the best supplies is essential to getting the best results. Hillyard Account Managers can help you gauge what you need.

Floor Stripping Essentials

Selecting a Floor Finish

When selecting a floor finish, there are a few questions you need to consider. Should you choose a high-solids or a low-solids finish? Do you want a floor finish that can be burnished? Do you need Green Seal-certified products?

High Solids vs. Low Solids

Floor Finish Solids ComparisonSolids content builds the protective coating on the floor. Water, emulsifiers, and leveling agents included in floor finish help with drying and application. During the drying process, these ingredients evaporate, leaving behind the solids to form a polymer layer. Finishes with higher solids content leave behind a thicker layer of film on the floor. For example, it takes four coats of an 18% solids floor finish to build up a layer the same thickness as three coats of a 25% solids floor finish. While it takes fewer coats of a high-solid floor finish to build up the final layer, it is also thicker and takes more skill to apply consistently. For some applications, a thinner, lower-solids finish may be preferable because it is easier to use.

Burnish vs. Burnish-Free Floor Finish

Burnishing is an abrasive process that removes the microscopic peaks from the floor finish. The result is a smoother coating that reflects more light and looks shinier. Burnishable floor finish provides a high-gloss appearance, but only with regular burnishing. If you’re not prepared to add regular burnishing to your floor care routine, a burnish-free finish might be the best choice. While easier to maintain, burnish-free floor finishes will have a lower-gloss appearance. Hillyard has excellent floor finishes in both categories.

Green Products

Some Hillyard stripper and floor finish products are specially formulated to meet Green Seal Standard GS-40 requirements, an essential consideration for some facility managers. Consider these products as part of your sustainable cleaning program.

Sealing Floors

Hil-Tex+ SealHil-Tex+ Seal

Floor sealant is an easy-to-apply durable coating that acts much like a floor finish. Floor sealant will fill in tiny pores in the floor, making the surface smoother and ready to accept new layers of floor finish. Additionally, the sealant layer helps prevent dirt from grinding through to the tile. Hillyard’s Hil-Tex+ is a zinc-free, transparent, and fast-drying sealant. It dries quickly and provides a slip-resistant film. Once the Hil-Tex+ base is established, your finish will perform better and last longer.

Recommended Floor Care Systems

Burnish-Free Floor Finish

Burnishable Floor Finish

Applying Floor Finish

Hillyard recommends two processes for applying floor finish. The first method uses a microfiber flat mop. Microfiber flat mops are perfect for small to medium-sized jobs and confined areas. The second method uses the Multi-Flo XP. The Multi-Flo XP efficiently produces consistent results over large areas. Capable of covering up to 10,000 per hour, the Multi-Flo XP is a fantastic labor-saving tool for floor finish applications.

Finish Application Tools