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What Happens When the C-Suite Cleans the Company Restrooms?

March 25, 2020

What happens when the c-suite cleans the company restroom?

What happens when the c-suite cleans the company restroom? The nation watched this very scenario play out when CBS Undercover Boss premiered in 2010 with Waste Management President and COO, Larry O'Donnell. O'Donnell was made to clean out portable toilets on his hands and knees– a sight that was equal parts great television and a real life reminder of the dirty jobs that hard working Americans must do on a daily basis to keep the rest of us happy. While Larry returned to his corner office with a new perspective, for those that make a living doing this work, no such reprieve is available.

Every facility has a bathroom and everyone hates cleaning it. A space that takes up 5% of your building winds up being the source of 50% of the complaints. But think about it: bending down, reaching around soiled porcelain on hand and knee, scrubbing away. Ick! It's easy to see why this hard, demoralizing manual labor led Larry O'Donnell to change some of the employee rules at Waste Management after his Undercover Boss experience. But you don't need to be the chief operating officer to impact meaningful change in your organization. Change that not only can greatly improve restroom hygiene and reduce cleaning times by as much as 67%, but change that improves employee morale immeasurably. Enter the Cleaning Companion C3 XP and HP units from the cleaning and hygiene experts at Hillyard, a company that prides itself on helping its customers deliver clean, safe, healthy facilities at the lowest total cost.

The Cleaning Companion is a groundbreaking concept in touch-free cleaning, and facility maintenance at large. The system is so simple, even an executive can use it. Spray, rinse, and remove. Fresh water is stored on-board in a 10 gallon tank. Cleaning chemical refills are stored in back, connected, and ready to automatically mix with water when the trigger is pulled on the spray gun. Ready-to-work solutions and disinfectants specifically formulated for safe, cost-effective and high performance cleaning are applied to restroom surfaces. The soiled solution is then removed with a squeegee, flat mop, or onboard vacuum. It seems simple because it is, especially for the operator. That's not to say there isn't impressive technology and functionality at work with every spray – quite the contrary.

The C3 HP features a 300PSI pump with a 0.65GPM flow rate, perfect for removing heavy stuck on soils without damaging grout or fixtures. The variable spray pattern can be pin point tight to remove extra-tough soils, or a wide spray for moving soiled solution to the drain. This is your do-it-all cord-electric unit, good for high volume restrooms, shower rooms and kitchens with heavy soil loads. Then there's the C3 XP, a lower pressure system geared towards daily restroom cleaning with moderate soil loads. This battery operated model is no slouch tackling daily cleaning with a 150PSI pump and 0.5GPM flow rate.

President and Chief Operating Officer Larry O'Donnell added 'former' to his title at Waste Management, leaving the company shortly after the airing of Undercover Boss in 2010. Perhaps the changes he made after his Undercover Bossexperience came too little, too late. But the time to restore dignity to a dirty job, to your hard working staff is now. Incorporate the Hillyard Cleaning Companion into your facility management department, and change the restroom complaints to compliments. Better Cleaning. Faster Cleaning. Healthier Cleaning.

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