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5 Quick Tips & Tricks for Carpet Care

March 28, 2020

1. During icy and snowy months, use Nutra-Rinse to treat ice melt residue on entrance matting and carpet. 

2. Vacuum walk-off mats daily. it stops soil from entering your facility, keeping your facility cleaner and extending the time between carpet cleanings. Saves cleaning time, labor and money. 

3. Use a backpack vacuum for large carpeted areas. Backpack vacuums are more productive than standard upright vacuums - up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour productivity. Better ergonomics for your staff.

4. Carpet spot removal daily. Remove carpet spots while they are fresh, it reduces the overall time required to remove unsightly stains. Once spots set into stains, they become much harder and require more time to remove. 

5. Performing interim maintenance by encapsulating with Hillyard Deep Action and a Trident ICS17 extends the time between extraction processes. Interim maintenance requires less downtown and can extend carpet life. 

For more tips on carpet care, see your Hillyard account manager for more information! 

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